Social Support Ninjas Has Launched!

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Today marks the official quiet launch of Social Support Ninjas!

The idea to offer social media support services has been on the edge of our minds for years. Just over a week ago a switch was flicked and it became clear to us this was a service people needed.

Our background

I started my first social media management company in 2010. I’d clicked on an email from social media manager trainer Kate Buck, devoured the Let’s Get Social course in a day and taught myself WordPress the next day. By Day 3 I was on Twitter . Shortly after I got my first customer.

Social media was new for businesses then and it was not hard to stand out from the crowd.

I wasn’t a ‘hustler’. I had a baby, a cheeky 2 yr old and a 7 yr old who all needed my attention during the day. George was working nightshift for a managed futures trading company but somehow we had a routine which gave me a few hours a night to work online. And learn all I could.

Fast forward 2 years and we had just moved to Australia, I sold my business and started contracting as a project manager for a web design company, a position that I enjoyed and learnt a lot from.

Why did I sell my business?

I didn’t enjoy it anymore. I had a bad run with clients that either didn’t pay or bargained prices down and still expected me to over deliver (i.e. perform social media magic).  Offering social media management services to small business owners was hardwork.

The customer is never happy paying for a service they don’t understand, you end up offering way more value than you are paid for, most of the time you are just giving out free information and it is impossible to scale as a one person business.

Saying that, there are many successful people offering social media services and doing well, (and I have been working closely with many over the past few years) but it takes an extremely passionate, multi-skilled and motivated action taker to step up. With lots of free time. Which was not me at the time.

What was the alternative

I had to make a decision – either go big or go home. I admired the social media queens who were breaking onto the scene and absorbed all I could from their content – Mari Smith, Amy Porterfield, Kim Garst, Andrea Vahl, and Melonie Dodaro to mention a few. I knew I could be as good as them but I didn’t want to. The timing was not right.

My boss encouraged me to start a social media training membership site but by then I was burnt out and I unsubscribed and unliked everything to do with social media.

I’d also personally witnessed the phenomenon of people who purchase training products and courses but never have time to complete them. Or they spend hours learning everything about a certain program or strategy, only to never use it again. I am one of those people!

I’d also spent time personally coaching people and it got me down when they gave up because it was too hard/time consuming/expensive/confusing to continue.

Structured training, consulting and coaching was out.

I took a day job with a company who sold marketing franchises and became well known as the in-house social media expert (a title I never liked or thought of myself as) but I was happy to settle into a role which allowed me to help people and create content.

My after-hours “job” was with George building a profitable affiliate marketing business. Learning how to build out sales funnels, driving traffic, creating sales videos and blogs, branding, building websites, writing emails and team support.  I enjoyed it and was good at it (I thought).

Even after a long day of screen time at work, I was happy tinkering & tweaking things and learning along the way, late into the night most nights.

Being on a tight marketing budget meant we had to improvise. Content marketing has been our number 1 best source of traffic and leads, and still is to this day.

Present day

After 4 years in a varied role as a social media trainer, help desk/support person, content developer and all round go-to person for any online issues or advice a few things became clear to me.

What I do not like:

  • I do not like being responsible for a company’s success with social media marketing (there are far too many outside factors).
  • I do not like creating structured training content (the constant updates drives me crazy!)
  • I do not like speaking in front of a room full of people or being the face of a company.
  • I do not like leaving home in the morning and going to work for someone else.
  • I know I am not highly skilled in areas like web design and development from scratch, or graphic design (lucky I know some excellent peeps!)

What I do like:

  • Helping people and sharing my knowledge.
  • On the spot training and problem solving.
  • One-on-one customised support.
  • Working behind the scenes.
  • Working in my nice home office.
  • Writing and creating content.
  • Figuring out stuff.
  • Testing new online tools.
  • Playing around with WordPress.

Worth a mention: There is no such thing as knowing everything or being perfect at everything and I’m ok with that. I like a challenge.

I also learnt that even though I did not feel or see myself as an expert in the industry, (compared to the influencers that I followed around the web), to a particular audience I was their expert.

I was never going to (or wanted to) compete with the top consultants and charge thousands for my time (never say never!). But I knew I had a lot of knowledge in my head that I didn’t want to waste.

The old lightbulb switched on

The idea was triggered by a conversation with a friend who said she used to work full-time for a company as a bookkeeper until she quit, doubled her prices and contracted herself back part-time. I’d been learning about different types of business models and this idea fitted into what is called Service as a Service. Second best to SaaS (Software as a Service).

I wasn’t a coder or developer yet it was clear to me that I could package my current daily tasks – or the parts that I liked – and offer them to a wider audience.

The Social Support Ninjas concept ticked all the boxes for me and it aligned with the 7-Day Startup checklist I’d learned from my community of entrepreneurs.

1. Enjoyable daily tasks: I like helping people.

2. Product/founder fit: Matches my personality and skills.

3. Scalable business model: I can scale by training others.

4. Operates profitably without the founder: I can eventually step away from the daily operations.

5. An asset you can sell: Selling is an option down that track once it has been built into an asset.

6. Large market potential: The main social media platforms have billions of users.

7. Taps into pain or pleasure differentiators: Yes I have heard plenty of social media pain stories over the years.

8. Unique lead generation advantage: We are not an expensive done-for-you service, or a time expensive training program.

9. Ability to launch quickly: The first version of the sales page was live in 5 hours! Minus a couple of chewed fingernails 🙂

So here’s the pitch

Social Support Ninjas is an unlimited 24/7 social media support service for business owners. Our monthly membership plans start from $49 (AUD).

There are plenty of social media marketing consultants that provide coaching, training, done-for-you services, content creation & distribution, and monthly social media management. Our
point of difference is
we charge a flat monthly fee and all we provide is support.

Our members’ area will be full of training and resources, but our primary business offering is to provide social media help for business owners who prefer to DIY, but still need the services of a social media support person.

Why this will work

In our past experience, we have found that business owners find social media frustrating and time consuming, yet essential. We are a nation of DIY’ers and the done-for-you business model will only work for a small percentage of business owners.

Business owners are busy, they want answers fast and don’t have time to search for answers online, or complete a 4 hour training course. We know for a fact that some people would rather ask than search for answers online.

Those who do venture onto Google when they have a problem with one of the main social media sites get even more frustrated.

The problem with Google results is that there is so much content, paid advertising and wrong or outdated information that needs to be sifted through before finding an answer. That’s if the correct search terms/keywords were used in the first place.

Our low monthly membership plans means there are no fee surprises for expensive consultants who charge by the hour, or extra staff to pay each month.

Introducing the Social Support Ninjas

Social Support Ninjas solves social media headaches by providing members with unlimited help and customised on-demand support services for a low monthly fee.

Using social media for marketing can be very frustrating and a waste of time and resources. Our members are able to tap into the right information when they need it most, so they don’t waste time researching and learning how to use the main social media platforms.

Founder Merrin has extensive internet marketing experience, technical skills, marketing knowledge and help desk experience combined with a healthy dose of patience and her and her team are ready to meet and exceed members’ expectations.

Weekly Q&A webinars are accessible for all members, and our higher plans provide advanced support and training resources to educate our members.

What we are not

We are on-demand but not on-call. All support request must be made through the official channels and in writing. Professional members have phone privileges.

We won’t do-it-for-you. But we can recommend partners who will. (Unless it’s an issue that’s super quick to resolve for you)

We don’t do web design or graphic design. But can point you in the right direction. We can edit existing files if needed.

We can’t fix Facebook or force Instagram to hyperlink your urls. We are not magic. We can offer solutions and work-arounds though.

We are not copywriters. But we will give valuable feedback.

We can’t write your complete strategy. But we have templates and will provide advice.

Let’s get Launched

So what do you think? Would you or anyone you know use this kind of service? All feedback is very welcome, just leave a comment below or send us an email to

We will have lots to share on the blog regarding our business and of course lots of great social media advice so keep in touch!

Want to become a member? Take advantage of our special launch offer today, monthly membership plans start at just $49. 

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Final note, in the words of Dan Norris, “You don’t learn until you launch!” So here goes….

you dont learn until you launch

Final words…..this is our very own #7DayStartup and we will keep you posted on the growth of our business. We are starting with a small team and intend to grow huge! If you are interested in becoming a Social Support Ninja please get in touch 🙂

About The Author

Merrin Robinson

Merrin is the Founder of Social Support Ninjas, Mum of 3 girls and an all-round online marketing geek.

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